Ubuntu and leadership (virtueel)

Mpho Tutu van Furth | predikant, kunstenaar, auteur en public speaker

How can the African concept of ubuntu create courageous leadership in our current reality? Can reframing our work relationships rescue us from fear of missteps and embolden us to lead? Ubuntu recognises that in order for me to achieve my best I require you to be your best. Ubuntu-based leadership summons and celebrates excellence. This form of leadership is both inspiring and accessible.  Whether teams are public-facing or internally focussed ubuntu-based leadership ensures the best possible outcome for the end-client while nurturing the skills and experience of the worker. In this keynote we will suggest some easy shifts in thinking and behaviour that enable participants to harness their ubuntu in order to help themselves and their teams flourish. We will discuss diversity & inclusion, as well the #itoomentoring project for your women to support them in their career.